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Welcome to the ScoutMachine Help Center. Here you can find help on the product, support, billing and other info.

Product Questions

  1. What services can you monitor with ScoutMachine?

    Ping, DNS, HTTP (HEAD, GET), SSL and HTTP2. You can monitor your own websites, or any publicly available URL.

  2. Does Scoutmachine require installing an agent on my server?

    No we don't. ScoutMachine does agentless monitoring, which means you don't need to install anything. There are no server-side requirements. No special firewall configurations are required. ScoutMachine will only monitor services you make publicly accessible.

  3. What is the frequency of the checks?

    Checks can be configured to run at 1, 5, 10 or 30 minute intervals. The 'Lite' plan offers a minimum of 5 min. intervals.

  4. How does monitoring work?

    Our servers duplicate monitors to each location. Each unit then independently tests and reports downtime. This is by design, a "master-less" cluster allows us to catch downtimes that only affect an isolated region.

  5. How do you prevent a network blip from triggering an alert?

    Each monitor comes with a user-configurable "breach" threshold. The alerting system is triggered only when a consecutive number of tests fail. Say a user configures a threshold of "3" for their website. If our agent detects a first failure, it waits to try again. If the next test succeeds (i.e the site is back online), no alert is sent. However, 3 consecutive failures will trigger an alert.

    If you'd like super vigilant alerting, set your monitor breach level to 1. Downtimes will be reported immediately.

  6. What locations do you monitor from?

    We are currently monitoring from Fremont, CA and Newark, NJ, both in the USA. We'll be adding more in due time.

  7. How does no-spam alerting work?

    When a downtime is first detected our alerting system instantly triggers all alerting endpoints the user has configured. If the same downtime is detected again within a 20 minute period, alerts are paused. This prevents you from getting spammed by alerts of the same downtime. You could do with less noise!

    When your site is back up a friendly notice is fired immediately.

How Tos

  • How do i create a monitor?

    • - Go to your dashboard
    • - Click on the 'Add Monitor' link
    • - Enter a Name. Make a descriptive name that allows you to recall what you were testing for when a test fails.
    • - Choose a 'Check'. There are several types, and we're constantly adding more.
    • - Fill in the rest of the form.
    • - Check the alerts you would like to be notified when the test fails. Choose atleast one!
  • How can i attach an alert to an existing monitor?

    • - Go to your dashboard
    • - Click on the 'Edit Monitor' link
    • - Check the alerts you would like to be notified when the test fails. Choose atleast one!
  • Can i pause a monitor?

    • Yes. Click on the pause icon next to the monitor.

Support Questions

  1. How do i get support?

    The fastest way to reach us is using the green "Support" tab on the right. You can also get in touch through the contact us page. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

  2. How can i provide feedback?

    The green "Support" tab on the right let's you provide immediate feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Do you provide telephone support?


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