• 1 minute checks With checks every minute, be alerted of a downtime as soon as it happens. Each check is configurable to 1, 5, 10 and 30 minute intervals.
  • A Range of Checks
    • Ping
    • DNS Records Check
    • SSL: Certificate Check
    • HTTP: HEAD with presence/absence of key-value, GET with text search
    • HTTP2: Connection Check
    If we don't cover what you need, raise a ticket with us. We're constantly pushing to add more.
  • SSL Certificates We check if we can make a successful connection to your site and that your SSL certificate is valid.
  • HTTP2 checks Verifies the SSL handshake is proper and if the server is capable of serving requests via HTTP2.
  • HTTP checks Verify headers and body content. Monitor MimeTypes, Caching, Content consistency, Exception traces or other (un)desirables.
  • Breach Thresholds Networks blip. Breach thresholds minimize noisy alerts. Each check can be configured to a breach level, our system will ensure an alert is raised only if the threshold is breached. You can switch them off if you want fully vigilant alerting.
  • More alerting options Get alerts by : Need more? just ask. We're constantly looking to add more.
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