Monitoring and gaining performance insights should be reliable and easy. We want to make that happen.

ScoutMachine started with an idea to build a simple, yet modern, site monitoring platform. The overarching idea is simplicity of interface and reliability of monitoring. We've been there, having worked with clients, and enteprise, on ecommerce stores and SAAS products. We know fully well, monitoring is unreliable, hard and time-consuming. But, it doesn't have to be.


Adil Baig Co-Founder, Engineer.
I've been in engineering roles for over a decade. Full Stack Development, Devops & Product Management. I am also an occasional Open Source contributer, an occasional gamer and a fulltime father.

Abdul Azeez Co-Founder, Engineer.
I have worked at several startups and am currently a Principal FrontEnd Engineer at jivox. Father, Chocolate lover, Football freak, Internet Enthuisiast, Stickler for a good front-end expereince.

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